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Dollani Christou's company, based in Nea Makri, Attica, is a specialized supplier and manufacturer of outdoor grills and outdoor wood-burning ovens. With long-term experience and expertise in the field, the company provides high-quality products and personalized services for its customers.

The construction and installation of outdoor grills is the specialty of the company. Dollanis Christos and his specialized team have the know-how and experience to build outdoor grills that stand out for their quality, durability and aesthetics. They undertake the design and construction of grills based on the needs and preferences of each customer, offering customized solutions that are dependent on the available space and the user's requirements.

Outdoor wood ovens are a worthy choice for those who wish to enjoy the freshness and taste of food cooked with wood. The company offers specialized outdoor wood ovens, made of high quality materials and designed for efficient and reliable operation. These ovens allow you to cook in the traditional way, creating unique flavors and enjoying the experience of natural smoking and the thermal performance of wood.

The wood-burning ovens and outdoor grills offered by Dollani Christos' company are designed to meet strict quality and performance standards. The business emphasizes tailoring products to customer needs and offers personalized advice and support for the selection, installation and maintenance of outdoor grills and wood ovens.

If you wish to enjoy the magic of cooking and tasty pleasures in your outdoor space, Dollani Christou's company is the ideal choice for the construction and installation of outdoor grills and outdoor wood ovens.